Links Primary School

Links Primary School

You are no more, you are no less, we are all equal
"Pupils say that
they feel safe
in the school and
staff are approachable and helpful"
- Ofsted 2016


Message from our Governors

On behalf of Links Primary School, welcome to our website.

At Links Primary School our children are enthusiastic, eager to learn and achieve high standards. They do this because our staff are not only dedicated to educational excellence, but are also caring individuals who together make a great team. Our parents are also hugely supportive of the school and their children's education, both at home and through volunteering at the school. There is an active PTA, which welcomes new parents to join. They organise many events throughout the year and raise a considerable amount of money for the school.

At Links Primary School, the Governing Body is highly valued and experienced, and works with the school with the aim of improving standards and to strive for excellence both in and outside the classroom. Good governance is not just about sitting in meetings. We endeavour to stay updated on, and apply new legislation. Our governors are hands on and assist with many school events. A full list is available below.

Governors also attend classes to monitor the impact of the teaching on our pupils, assemblies, inset and training days, inspections and LEA reviews to name but a few areas of our involvement. Governors are also involved in all other aspects of the school from school meals to the general property management.

If you have a specific concern or complaint we would encourage you to speak to a teacher or the head teacher first, but if you are unable to do this, for any reason, please speak to a governor. All governors can be contacted via the school office.

Current parents are welcome to contact governors with questions or general feedback. Likewise, we encourage any prospective parents who are thinking of sending their children to Links to browse through our website and, more importantly, visit our school so you can see firsthand what Links has to offer.

We are all very pleased to welcome you to Links Primary School.

Karen Archer

Chair of Governors

View the latest Governors Report to parents.

Governing Body Board February 2018


Term of Office


Link Governor Responsibility

Declared Interest(s)

Karen Archer

Co-opted 02.07.15 - 01.07.19

Chair of Full Governing Body, Finance and Pay, Headteacher Performance Management, Teaching, Learning & Standards, Premises and Health & Safety, Safeguarding & Behaviour, Recruitment

Pupil Premium, Finance, Pay, Recruitment, Headteacher Appraisal, Early Years Foundation Stage, Numeracy

  • Member of family is employed as a Playscheme worker

Justyn Herbert

Co-opted  02.07.15 - 01.07.19

Vice Chair of Full Governing Body, Chair of Finance and Pay, Recruitment

Finance, Pay, Pupil Premium Recruitment

  • None declared

Peter White

Co-opted  02.07.15 - 01.07.19

Chair of Premises and Health & Safety, Chair of Pay Appeals, Finance and Pay, Recruitment

Health & Safety, Finance, Pay, Recruitment, Pupil Premium, EAL

  • None declared

Linda Kirby

LA 16.02.18 - 22.02.22

Chair of Teaching, Learning & Standards, Headteacher Performance Management, Fundraising & Community Links

Top Floor (Years 4, 5 &6), SEN, Behaviour & safeguarding, Headteacher Appraisal, Recruitment

  • None declared

David Hayes

Co-opted  02.07.15 - 01.07.19

Pay Appeals, Fundraising & Community Links

Community Links

  • None declared

Steve Edwards

Co-opted 02.07.15 - 01.07.19

Safeguarding & Behaviour


  • None declared

Nicolas Hogg

Co-opted 01.11.16 – 31.10.20

Headteacher Performance Management, Safeguarding & Behaviour, Fundraising & Community Links

Website, Computing, Out of School Services, Headteacher Appraisal

  • None declared

Catherine Skinner

Parent (elected) 23.10.15 – 22.10.19

Chair of Fundraising & Community Links, Chair of Safeguarding & Behaviour, Teaching, Learning & Standards, Pay Appeals

Foundation Stage (Nursery & Reception), Literacy

  • None declared

Emily Fleuriot 

Parent (elected) 01.09.16 - 31.08.20 

 Fundraising & Community Links

Middle Floor (Years 1, 2 &3) Arts Mark

  • None declared 

Nicola Todd

Co-opted  02.07.15 – 01.07.19

 Fundraising & Community Links

 Travel Plan, Healthy Schools

  • Staff member

Ciara Parris

Staff (elected) 23.10.15 – 22.10.19

Teaching, Learning & Standards,  Safeguarding & Behaviour

  • Spouse is a member of staff
  • Staff member

Jan McEwen

Interim Headteacher



  • Member of family is employed as a Playscheme worker
  • Trustee- East Mitcham Cluster Group
  • Staff member

Lee Matravers

Associate Member 01.09.17 - 31.08.21

Teaching, Learning & Standards, Safeguarding & Behaviour

  • Staff member

Michelle Tindall




  • Staff member
  • Family member employed on a supply contract