Links Primary School

Awards and Achievements

At Links we celebrate and are proud of all of our achievements, including the awards that we have received in recognition of everyone's hard work. Below, you will find details of some of our more recent successes.


In September 2018, we were awarded the Gold Level All Together Mark. This was awarded by the Anti-Bullying Alliance in recognition of the school's work towards preventing and tackling bullying.

An important part of this work involved rewriting our anti-bullying policy and developing a new, child-friendly version of the policy in collaboration with the School Council. The children in Key Stage 2 also took part in a survey at the beginning and end of the year to measure the impact of the project.


We are proud to be among the first recipients of the Platinum Merton School Sport Mark. This was awarded not only because of our commitment to developing PE and sport within the school but also due to our attendance at all possible events during the previous academic year.

Our sports teams have also been awarded the 'Refspect' award at a number of events due to their sportsmanlike conduct, as voted by other teams in attendance.


Every year our Year 5 pupils take place in the Launch Car Challenge at Reed's School in Cobham. The children have the opportunity to design and build their own rocket cars which they then launch to see whose travels the furthest. The winning cars from each class then go on to compete against winners from other schools. In the past three years our children have won the competition once and came second twice.