Links Primary School


Physical Education and Sport

At Links, Physical Education (PE) and Sport have always been highly valued elements of the curriculum. Mr Roughley and all of the staff believe that through participation in competitive sport and taking part in regular PE lessons, young people learn about and begin to recognise the value of core life skills such as teamwork, fair play and respect for themselves and others.

Sport has been shown to have a positive effect on children's physical and mental health as well as on their growth and development while also providing a controlled, healthy environment for young people to learn about winning and losing.

With rising obesity rates evident in the borough of Merton and with the limited space in which children can undertake exercise, our duty as a school is to ensure that your children are given opportunities to take part in sports and games that they would otherwise not have access to.

The Merton School Sport Partnership

Links is a proud supporter of the Merton School Sport Partnership who coordinate both cluster and borough-wide competitions for children of all ages throughout the year. The MSSP also provide Preparation, Planning and Assessment (PPA) cover for teachers (Tuesday- Thursday) and support teachers in their continuing professional development.

In 2015/2016, Links received a certificate from the MSSP in recognition of the fact that they were the only school out of 43 in the borough that had entered every event.  This commitment to sport and PE is something of which the school is very proud and we will continue to give children as many opportunities as we are able.

In addition to the above services, the MSSP offer a wide range of CPD programmes, support schools in achieving the targets set in their action plans and oversee and award the MSSP Sports Mark. They provide links between schools and local clubs offering children who show outstanding promise, opportunities to take their promise further.