Links Primary School


Where Links Primary School now stands used to be a golf course.

This probably explains the name! When the school first opened, in September 1912, the site housed three separate schools – a boys secondary school, a girls secondary school and a junior school.

The school has survived two world wars and little damage occurred to the fabric of the building. Log Book entries tell us that in World War 2 a bomb fell in the corner of the playground and a piece of that bomb is still kept by the owners of Regina Motors in Seely Road, former pupils of Links School.

You may have noticed that the Caretakers House, adjoining the school in Gunton Road, is a completely different style to all the other houses in this area. This is because during the war a bomb fell on the previous property and completely destroyed it. Unfortunately, when it was rebuilt no effort was made to reproduce the original features.

From being a five to eleven Primary School, Links became a First School when the London Borough of Merton introduced the three tier education system in the 1960s. Then the children started their education here and stayed until they were 9 years old before moving on to Middle School. Most children from Links transferred to Gorringe Park Middle School.

In 2002 Merton reverted to all through Primary Schools and Links once again educated pupils up to the age of eleven. By this time, we also had a Nursery, meaning we took children from three years up to eleven.

In 2012 we celebrated our Centenary Year and we were delighted to welcome back ex-pupils and members of staff, some from all over the world, who enthralled us with their memories of life at Links. We planted an oak tree and buried a  time capsule in the garden, which we hope will bring joy to future generations.