Links Primary School

Links Primary School

You are no more, you are no less, we are all equal
"Pupils say that
they feel safe
in the school and
staff are approachable and helpful"
- Ofsted 2016

Meet the Governors

Governing Body Board February 2020


Term of Office


Link Governor Responsibility

Declared Interest(s)

Catherine Skinner


23.10.19 - 22.10.23



Chair of Full Governing Board, Chair of Fundraising & Community Links, Chair of Safeguarding & Behaviour, Learning, Teaching & Standards, Pay Appeals Foundation Stage (Nursery & Reception), Literacy
  • None declared

Justyn Herbert


10.07.21 - 09.07.23

Vice Chair of Full Governing Board, Chair of Finance & Pay, Recruitment

Finance, Pay, Pupil Premium, Recruitment

  • None declared

Peter White


10.07.21 - 09.07.23

Chair of Premises and Health & Safety, Chair of Pay Appeals, Finance and Pay, Recruitment

Health & Safety, Finance, Pay, Recruitment, Pupil Premium, EAL

  • None declared

Linda Kirby


16.02.18 - 22.02.22

Chair of Learning, Teaching & Standards,Headteacher Performance Management, Fundraising & Community Links

Top Floor (Years 4, 5 and 6), SEN, Behaviour & Safeguarding, Headteacher Appraisal, Recruitment

  • None declared

Nicolas Hogg


01.11.20 – 31.10.24

Headteacher Performance Management, Safeguarding & Behaviour, Fundraising & Community Links

Website, Computing, Out of Schools Services, Headteacher Appraisal

  • None declared

Karen Archer


10.07.21 - 09.07.23

Finance and Pay, Headteacher Performance Management, Learning, Teaching & Standards, Premises and Health & Safety, Safeguarding & Behaviour, Recruitment Pupil Premium, Finance, Pay, Recruitment, Headteacher Appraisal, Early Years Foundation Stage, Numeracy
  • Member of family is employed as a Playscheme worker

David Waterson


05.07.21 - 04.07.25

Sabrina Winter

Parent 05.07.21 - 04.07.25

Ciara Parris



  • Spouse is a member of staff
  • Staff member

Lee Matravers

Associate Member (no voting rights) 

01.09.21 - 31.08.23

Learning, Teaching & Standards,  Safeguarding & Behaviour

  • Staff member

Lisa Gray

Staff (elected)

1.11.19 - 31.10.23

Learning, Teaching & Standards

  • Staff member

Michelle Tindall




None declared (Staff member)