Links Primary School

Links Chess Champions!

Huge congratulations to Year 4, who won the 2017 East Merton Chess Championship at St Marks Academy this week. The Links chess team competed against four other local schools to win the title.  The victory means the chess cup will return to Links once more after a one year sojourn in  Singlegate Primary School. 

This year Links were the clear victors, scoring 69 out of the possible 75 points available - a clear 10 points ahead of the runner up, William Morris Primary School. Each pupil got three points for a win, two for a draw and one for a loss. Both of the highest scoring pupils in the tournament also came from Links - both Thomas and Dilakshan scored the maximum 15 points (5 wins). 

"Chess skills were very impressive and I am happy to report that behaviour was also impeccable," said Madeleine Swords, Cluster Development and Project Manager for East Mitcham Schools and the East Merton Learning Together Trust.