Links Primary School

Friday 19th January 2024

Dear Links Families,


This week we embraced the coldness, and both Reception and Year 2 children attended their rescheduled pantomime at Wimbledon Library. They had a fantastic time at the show and I am very proud to say that their behaviour was exceptional. Our Year 5 children attended one of their many rehearsals to practise for their Royal Albert Hall performance in March, and Lincoln the Bear joined in too.  




Royal Albert Hall - Year 5 Performance

Excitement is building amongst our pupils and staff as they prepare to showcase their musical talents at the Royal Albert Hall with Merton Music Foundation, for their epic ‘Music is for Life’ concert on Monday 11 March 2024. 

This incredible opportunity is the result of months of dedication and collaboration, and has not only nurtured a love for music but has also provided invaluable learning experiences while leading up to a concert they’ll never forget.

Parents, guardians and the whole school community are invited to witness the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For ticket information, visit:

NSPCC Number Day Friday 2nd February 2024

We are delighted to be supporting the NSPCC by taking part in Number Day on Friday 2nd February 2024.


We are having a fun day of maths activities and we will be taking part in Dress up for Digits. Pupils are asked to wear an item of clothing with a number on it (football shirt, cap, netball shirt or even a onesie!). Or, get even more creative by dressing in a maths or numbers theme. If you do not have anything number themed at home, do not worry, you can wear anything patterned or with shapes on it. To help raise money for the NSPCC we are asking for donations. If you can, please send in a donation to support the NSPCC’s work. This can be given to the class teacher on the day.


All the money we raise at Links Primary School will make an enormous difference to children today and help the NSPCC be there for children tomorrow.



Just a reminder that there will be no playscheme this half term. Playscheme will run as usual in the Easter holidays. Additional information can be found on the school website via the Extended Services tab

Links Values Award

Our Links Value this half term is respect. Everyone at Links is valued for who they are, wherever they come from. We know that respect builds feelings of trust, safety and well-being so we create an atmosphere of mutual respect where we value ourselves, each other and our environment.


This week’s Values Awards go to; 

  • Nursery - Aathidri for being brave and resilient in Nursery and for making new friends. 
  • Rainbow - Anhaar for trying really hard with blending your sounds.
  • Sunshine - Saraa for joining in with all of your heart during the Pantomime!
  • 1EJ - Abdullahi for being a fantastic helper to Miss Eades-Jones and making our new child feel welcome! 
  • 1W-  Siham for both determination and enthusiasm in her writing and maths this week.
  • 2B - Aaliyah for her hard work in all learning areas.
  • 2T - Kara for continually showing respect to others.
  • 3B - Yusuf for always offering a helping hand to those who need it
  • 3P - Mia for having a fantastic attitude towards her learning.
  • 4M - Sumaiya for being such a positive role model, great work ethic.
  • 4T - Shyal  for going above and beyond showing kindness to our newest member of our class.
  • 4T - Charlie for modelling such positive engagement in lessons.
  • 5KG - Maja for taking pride in her work and finding lots of information about the Ancient Greeks.
  • 5M - Zhihan for working hard on his Ancient Greek legend. 
  • 6G - Anusan for always showing respect, maturity and kindness.
  • 6M - Anais for her excellent dialogue writing and attitude towards learning.
  • 6M - Nashaad for showing kindness and giving up her own time to help other year groups with translating. 


Well done for demonstrating our Links Values. We are very proud of you all!


House Points

This week’s house points results;

Yellow House - 4311

Red House - 4302

Green House - 4271

Blue House - 3987

Weekly Attendance 

This week’s attendance figures for each class are;

  • Rainbow - 95.6%
  • Sunshine - 96.6%
  • 1EJ - 90.9%
  • 1W - 93.7%
  • 2B - 89.5%
  • 2T - 97.7%
  • 3B - 93.5%
  • 3P - 98.2%
  • 4M - 93.2%
  • 4T - 90.4%  
  • 5KG - 94.5%
  • 5M -  98.8%
  • 6G - 94.3%
  • 6M  - 92.5 %   


Congratulations to 5M who achieved the highest attendance this week. Lincoln the Bear will be spending the next week with Year 5, learning about their new topic ‘Ancient Greeks’.


This week’s 95% tickets go to both Rainbow and Sunshine class, and 2T, 3P and 5M. All classes with a weekly attendance of 95% or more will receive a raffle ticket.


With very best wishes,


Natalie, Vicki and the Links Team