Links Primary School

Friday 20th October 2023


Dear Links Families,

I am writing to you at the end of the first half term of this school year and there has been a definite autumn feel to the weather this week. Please remember that the school closes today for the half term break, finishing at the normal time. School will reopen on Monday 30th October to all children.


Thank you for your continued support of your children’s learning in the last few weeks. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes to identify ways we can even better support children with special educational needs and those who have English as an additional language. We are working hard on ways to help all our children be better writers and we are being well supported by the local authority in this area of our work. We also have some exciting plans for improving the school environment over the course of the next year.


I’m sure you will join me in thanking the staff for all their hard work and commitment to the children this half term, whether that be in the classroom, the school office or making sure that the children have a safe and pleasant environment in which to learn.


I wish you and your children a good half term break and look forward to seeing you all after the holiday.


Data Collection Forms

Thank you to all those who have returned their child’s data collection forms. As mentioned in last week’s Links News, we do this every year to ensure we have the correct contact information for you.

If you are still to hand in your form, please check the information, amend, sign and return. Even if the information is correct, we ask you to sign the form as an acknowledgment.

Please return your forms to school on Monday 30th October.


Parents Evening

Parents evening will be on Wednesday 8th and Tuesday 9th November, 2023. Booking will go live on Monday 30th October, on Although this parents evening will be in person, there will be several opportunities to have a virtual meeting. More information will be sent via email on Monday 30th October.


Links Values Award

This week’s Values Awards go to;

  • Nursery - Macy
  • Rainbow - Fatimah
  • Sunshine - Ajraaf
  • 1EJ- Zofia
  • 1W- John
  • 2B- Sulaiman
  • 2T- Amelie
  • 3B- Asra
  • 3P- Zahir
  • 4M - Misthi
  • 4T - Ramla
  • 5KG- Aman
  • 5M- Julia
  • 6G- Imaan
  • 6M - Brendan

 Well done for demonstrating our Links Values. We are very proud of you!

House Points

Congratulations to Green House who accrued the most house points this term. As a reward, all children in Green House received and extra long playtime today.


The half term results were;

  • Green - 1489
  • Yellow - 1471
  • Red - 1441
  • Blue - 1376


Weekly Attendance

Here are this week’s attendance figures for each class.

  • Rainbow- 99%
  • Sunshine- 96.7%
  • 1EJ- 95.2%
  • 1W- 90%
  • 2B- 100%
  • 2T- 97.7%
  • 3B- 96.6%
  • 3P- 91.1%
  • 4M- 89.6%
  • 4T- 96.1%
  • 5KG- 95.5%
  • 5M- 95%
  • 6G- 93.4%
  • 6M - 94%

Congratulations to 2B for achieving a fantastic 100% attendance this week! Lincoln will be spending the the first week back with Year 2 on the middle floor.

Have a lovely half term