Links Primary School

Links News - 24th March 2023

Dear Links families,


I can’t believe we only have a week left of this term. As always, the spring term seems to fly by but it’s been so lovely to see the progress that the children have made this term. I’ve seen lots of learning going on around the school this week, and I really enjoyed joining Year 4 for their lesson on Viking longhouses. I was also treated to a demonstration of a game that Ashwarty in Year 6 has created on Scratch- I was astounded at the level of skill she has shown!


Sport Update

Today in assembly we heard about the Year 5 & 6 tag rugby tournament that took place at Old Ruts on Monday. Dhilkrish told us that despite a slow start, they soon got into the swing of things and recorded three victories by the end of the day. Well done team!


We also heard about our basketball team, who took part in a competition last Friday. Whilst they weren’t victorious, we are all really proud of them for winning the Refspect award for sportsmanship, which was voted for by all of the participating schools. Another big well done!



I’m so pleased that 13 of our classes have improved their attendance this week. Keep it up! Well done to 6M for having the highest attendance, Lincoln is looking forward to spending the week with them.


Here are this week’s attendance figures for each class:

  • Morning Nursery- 92.9%
  • Afternoon Nursery- 84.3%
  • Full-time Nursery- 87.5%
  • Rainbow- 90.5%
  • Sunshine- 86.6%
  • 1EJ- 94.6%
  • 1P- 86.4%
  • 2B- 92%
  • 2T- 97.7%
  • 3B- 96.8%
  • 3P- 97.5%
  • 4M- 95%
  • 4T- 91.7%
  • 5D- 90.5%
  • 5KT- 93.7%
  • 6G- 94.5%
  • 6M- 98.9%

As we near the end of term, it is really important to remind you that every day counts. I have already had a number of requests for a leave of absence for next week or the first week back after the holidays. Unless it is in very exceptional circumstances, I am unable to authorise any requests for a leave of absence. Any leave of absence taken during term time may result in a fine being issued.


Year 1 Tooting Walk

Earlier this week, as part of their learning about the local area, Year 1 went on a walk around Tooting. They told me that they had a lovely time looking at all of the buildings, with some of the highlights being the local church, the library and the market.


House Points

Well done to Green house, who have maintained their lead this week. It’s getting close though, as we approach the end of term.

  • Green - 5291
  • Yellow- 5123
  • Blue - 5065
  • Red - 5016



All this week, some of our Year 5 & 6 children have been lucky enough to take part in a Bikeability course to help them develop their cycling skills. Since starting the course on the playground, they have had the opportunity to safely navigate the local streets and are all looking forward to their assessment today.


Values Awards

Congratulations to our values award winners this week- we are all proud of you!

  • Siham (Sunshine)
  • Raya (Sunshine)
  • Aiden (1P)
  • Alex (1P)
  • Piranith (3P)
  • Aysha (5D)
  • Marina (5KT)
  • Anusan (5KT)
  • Brendan (5KT)
  • Dominic (5KT)
  • Ashwarty (6G)
  • Armaan (6M)


Extended Services

Booking is open for breakfast and after school club for this half term. If you would like to book a place, please complete this form. Please note that all booked places will be charged for.



I just wanted to give you advance warning that the date of the final inset day of the year, which was originally scheduled for Monday 19th June, has had to be changed to Monday 5th June, which is straight after the May half term holiday.


End of term

Don’t forget that the last day for the children in Nursery is next Thursday, 30th March. The rest of the school will finish for the Easter holidays at 1:30pm next Friday, 31st March. All children should return to school on Monday 17th April. If your child is starting Nursery, they will have received an individual start date.


Finally, to all of our families celebrating, Ramadan Mubarak from everyone at Links.


Have a lovely weekend,


Lee and the Links Team