Links Primary School

Links News - 3rd February 2023

Dear Links families,


As always, it’s been another busy week at Links, with trips out, sports events, NSPCC Number Day and plenty of learning going on. 


Year 3 and 4 Gymnastics

Today in assembly we recognised the amazing efforts of our gymnastics squad.

Well done to Bryan (3B), Anniah (4M), Raluca (4T) and Aaron (3P).  Aaron also received a 3rd place certificate for his floor routine at the gymnastics competition at Harris Wimbledon on Monday. 



Special congratulations to our KS2 Boccia team. The team all received a medal and certificate for coming second at the tournament at Harris Morden last Friday. Our silver medallists are: Jamie (3P), Zakariya (4T), Ameria-Leigh (4M), Mohamed (5D) and Brendan (5KT).  An outstanding effort. We are all really proud of you!


Tuck Shop

Those of you who were at Links pre-Covid will remember that we used to run a healthy tuck shop once a week for the children in Key Stage 1 and 2. I am really pleased to let you know that we are restarting our tuck shop from next week. During their morning break on Wednesday 8th February, the children in Years 1-6 will be able to buy a healthy snack from the tuck shop for them to enjoy during their playtime. Snacks available include Bear Yo-Yos, apple crisps, dried mango and raisins and cranberries. If they would like to, children can buy one snack, with them all priced at 60p. If possible, please send children with the correct change.


Junior Park Run

Linda Kirby, one of our governors and a local councillor is one of the organisers of the Figges Marsh Junior Park Run. She has asked me to share some information and has also appealed for some more volunteers.




Important info: Children will first need to register with Park Run and will be given a barcode, which they must bring along to each event to track weekly progress. Information on how to register can be found here.  


Lost Property

Yesterday, we put all of the unnamed lost property on tables in the playground, in the hope that it would be claimed. While some of it was reunited with its owners, the vast majority of it wasn’t and has now been donated to charity. Please please please make sure that every item of clothing worn to school is labelled with your child’s full name (no nicknames or initials please) so that we are able to get it back to them quickly. You can order name labels from and also help us to raise funds by using the school’s code: 18037.



Many of you may think that attendance of 90% is pretty good, however, attendance of 90% or less is classed as persistent absence by the Department for Education. Studybugs, our new attendance app is able to alert us more easily if your child’s attendance dips below 90%. If your child’s attendance does dip below 90%, you will be asked to provide evidence for your child’s absence. This could be an appointment card, a letter from your GP or hospital or a copy of a prescription. Unfortunately, if evidence is not provided, we are unable to authorise an absence.


Having said that, it’s been a better week for attendance this week, with 8 classes achieving attendance of 95% or over. 


Here are this week’s attendance figures for each class:

  • Morning Nursery- 85.9%
  • Afternoon Nursery- 88.5%
  • Full-time Nursery- 93.3%
  • Rainbow- 95%
  • Sunshine- 97.2%
  • 1EJ- 88.5%
  • 1P- 98.4%
  • 2B- 93.5%
  • 2T- 95.4%
  • 3B- 91.3%
  • 3P- 97.4%
  • 4M- 97.5%
  • 4T- 89.1%
  • 5D- 91.9%
  • 5KT- 90.8%
  • 6G- 97.2%
  • 6M- 95.8%


Congratulations to 1P, who will be looking after Lincoln for the second time this term.



A big thank you to those of you who have registered with Studybugs since we started using it last week. Already, 45% of you have registered to use it and lots of you have started reporting absences through the app. If you haven’t already done so, we would really appreciate it if you would register and use Studybugs to report absences. It really does save the office staff a huge amount of time as your reports are instantly recorded on the register. It is also much easier for you than calling the school or sending an email. Don’t forget that all unreported absences are unauthorised.


Values Awards

It’s been a big week for values awards this week. In fact, today was the most I’ve awarded since I became head. A big congratulations to Zahir (2T), Sabaha (2B), Anniah (4M), John (4M), Raluca (4T) and Bryan (3B).


Extended Services

Bookings are open for this half term for breakfast and after school club. If you would like to book a place, please complete this form. Please note that all booked places will be charged for.


House Points

Well done to Yellow house, who have maintained the lead for another week. Only four points separate them and the second place house, Red.

  • Yellow- 3020
  • Red- 3016
  • Green- 2896
  • Blue- 2804


NSPCC Number Day

It was great to see so many of the children dressed up to celebrate NSPCC Number Day. The children have been taking part in lots of number activities today. I even saw 5KT doing some maths-related gymnastics this morning! Thank you for all of your generous donations, which will be passed on to the NSPCC. You raised an excellent £180, which will help support children across the country.


Have a lovely weekend,


Lee and the Links Team